About us

      Our Company "Liana" offers you unique gifts, downy openwork products and accessories! 
      We present the popular downy products, exclusively handmade products. Each of them takes a lot of time and effort of masters. You can get more information about down products below.

     About downy shawls:
Downy shawls from Orenburg are world famous, very loved and in demand, especially in Russia. Russian women more than anyone else know how necessary this garment is in a wardrobe.
Downy shawls are popular by several criteria:
⚜️ Strength. Despite the fact that the components of the scarves are thin threads and down, this product will last you for a long time. Downy shawls are passed from generation to generation, from grandmothers to grandchildren.
⚜️ Warm. Downy shawls can protect you from frosts. They are very warm and comfortable in use. 
⚜️Practicality. Products can be used not only in the cold season, but also in the summer.
⚜️ Products made of natural down are very pleasant to the touch. You will not want to remove such type of clothing.
⚜️ Beauty and Elegance. Downy shawls will decorate any of your look. You can find the pattern and color that suits you to combine with your favorite outfits.
⚜️ Unusual gift. Holidays are coming and everyone thinks about gifts. Downy shawls can be a great ones. This unique and unusual product is a perfect way to express your love and care for loved ones.


     We also present the exclusive works of designer Anna Sovetova. Anna's works are known and popular not only in Russia but also in Europe. In our store there is only a part of her works. Some of them are available, but it is also possible to order individual items, including wedding ones.