How to order

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If you want to make a purchase in our store, you need to register to create your personal account. In your personal account you can view the contents of the basket, the status of the order, the history of your orders, as well as repeat or refuse the order aand subscribe to the store newsletter.

1. Ordering

Orders pass through several stages in the online store, each of which is assigned a separate status. You can check at which stage is your order in the Personal Account on the site. Important information will come to you on the phone and e-mail, which you indicated during the ordering process.

Explanation of order status.

"Order is accepted" -

You receive SMS / e-mail with information about your order. Our manager works with you through the specified channels, specifies the details, agrees to the method of payment, etc.

• “Order is executed” - we have started to fulfill your order.

At this stage, we reserve the goods, check the quality of the goods and packaging. You receive SMS / e-mail with information about the order and the expected date of delivery and readiness of the order.

• “Order is delivered” - the car with your order went to the address specified in the order.

At this stage, we are engaged in transportation of goods to the place of receipt. Our courier will wait for the Recipient 20 minutes at the venue.

• “Order issued” - Thank you for your purchase! We are waiting for you again!

• “The order was not issued to the Recipient, clarification is required” - on the day of delivery the goods were not transferred to the Recipient and returned to the warehouse, wait for the call of our operator.

The order cannot be issued for a number of reasons, for example, our deliveryman did not find the Recipient's house and could not contact you or the recipient refused to receive the product. In such cases, we will call you to decide our future moves.

• “Order canceled by customer” - we received a request from you and canceled the order.

You will receive sms / email with a notice of cancellation of your order. In order to exclude cases of unauthorized access to your personal account, our manager will contact you.

After selecting the product, click "Add to cart" and the product will be added to your cart.

Further, if you have completed the selection, click on the "Make an order" button. On the "Your Order" page in your account, all the products you have selected will be listed, as well as their quantity, order amount (including shipping costs), quantity, shipping address, telephone number, Recipient's name and order number.

In the field "Quantity" you can change the quantity of goods for purchase.

In the column "Actions" you can perform the following actions on each product: remove goods from the basket or order goods for the future.

2. Order confirmation

To place an order after entering the necessary information about the delivery of the goods (the recipient's name and surname, delivery address, contact details, option and delivery time, payment method, etc.), you need to click the " Make an order" button.

After some time (usually within an hour) after placing the order, our manager will contact you. With the manager, you can agree on the exact time and time of delivery, as well as clarify the details you mentioned in the contact information in your account and verify that there are no errors.

You will receive sms / e-mail "Order accepted"

A copy of the order with the number will be sent to your e-mail specified during the placement of the order.


Order No. ****** dated __.__. 2019

Order list

Name of product


Price per unit /





in stock




in stock



Order price


Total for payment



Last name, first name ____________

Your email - ***** @ *****

Your mobile phone - 995 *******

Delivery address - Tbilisi, st. House _________ ___, ___ sq. Payment method: cash, bank transfer, by credit card Recipient: First name __________ last name ___________ Delivery time and date 00-00 __.__. 2019. Presentation photo report: yes // no

Receiving this message indicates the completion of the order.

You can monitor the execution of your order in your personal account. To log in you will need to enter the username and password of the site user

Please, if you contact the site administration, it is MANDATORY to indicate your order number No. ******.

You will receive an sms / e-mail message “The order is transferred for execution” - we have begun to fulfill your order.

ATTENTION! Images of goods may differ from the delivered goods due to the natural origin of the goods in the order.

ATTENTION! After receiving the sms / e-mail message "The order is transferred for execution" - we proceed to the execution of your order, therefore, making changes to the order is not possible.

It should be borne in mind that the flowers are perishable goods and are purchased in stock fresh for the execution of your order only.

3. Refusal of the order.

You can cancel your order at any time, while we have not yet begun to collect your order for transferring it to the delivery and you can return the full cost of the order by canceling it in your account no later than 5 hours before the delivery time. Non-resident orders are canceled 24 hours before delivery.

After entering the relevant information in your account, you must wait for the sms / e-mail message “Order canceled by the client”, after which our manager will contact you to confirm and exclude unauthorized access to your account. Refundable fee will be returned to you in the same manner and to the same account from which the money has been credited with the payment orders within 3 business days.

If the order is canceled due to the fact that the required flowers for your bouquet were not in stock, and you insist on the composition of the bouquet, we will also refund you the full cost of your order.

ATTENTION! Cancellation of an order after receiving an sms / e-mail message “The order is transferred for execution” or “The order is delivered” will result in a deduction of 100% of the paid amount per bouquet and 20% of the remaining amount of the order.

We will also not be able to make a refund in full if you indicated an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, or the Recipient refused to receive the delivered goods, which caused the failure of your order.